Sunday Music Day is not just about showcasing new and creative sounds. It is also about classics, about music that had spoken in a language of its own and remains unique even as we advance. And winter is also that time when we tend to revisit the past, looking through old photographs, shuffling through images in the mind that continue to linger even with time.

During the holiday season, then, we play “old school” pop music at AC Gears instead of typical Christmas corals, because, we grew up listening to them through the radio and so in these retrospective messages they help us recall this thing we should all cherish – “happy memories.”



So here’s from my secret stash of oldies that still sound good ever after 17 years – George Michael’s Free, from the album Older. The dark, film noir journey that actually descends further into a jazzy rabbit hole and ending with 5 simples words “feels good, to be free.” A little bit bitter, thicker, but the sweetness comes out from the end of a dark winter night.

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