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Brooks saddles have supported the derrières of countless cyclists for well over a century now, and it’s hard not to recognize their iconic design on the street these days. So when a company whose claim to fame is making high quality leather saddles announced that they will produce a rubber saddle, needless to say more than a few eyebrows were raised.

“Brooks Cambium Saddle: Reinterpreting a Classic Design for the Modern Age”

Brooks Cambium Saddle: Reinterpreting a Classic Design for the Modern Age


Click here for the VF photo gallery showcasing some of the most intriguing pieces included in the Nov. 23 auction, including a one-of-a-kind Leica designed by Ive and Newson

Vanity Fair profiles Apple’s Jony Ive and designer Marc Newson in advance of the Sotheby’s New York charity auction they collaborated on to benefit Bono’s anti-HIV Project (Red) campaign:

They knew that they didn’t want to assemble a collection of classic modern-design objects of the sort you would find in a museum. There had to be an element of surprise, some odd juxtapositions, and plenty of things that no one would have expected two famous designers to choose. And there had to be at least some likelihood that the vast majority of the objects would sell at high prices. Unlike art, Newson said, “design is not inherently valuable. How would we generate revenue?” In the end, he said, “we decided just to put together things that we love.”


Jony Ive and Marc Newson: “We Decided Just to Put Together Things That We Love.”


motorola neck tattoo

The media has been set ablaze with the implications of what it could mean. A patent applied for by Motorola suggests that either they intend to develop ink embedded peripherals themselves, or believe that someone else might. While the idea may seem far fetched and extremely intrusive, this kind of technology could be considered more normal in the not so distant future.

“Motorola Anticipates Transhumanism With Mic Tattoo Patent”

Motorola Anticipates Transhumanism With Mic Tattoo Patent

While the FlyKly Smart Wheel seen above isn’t the prettiest of bike attachments, its utilitarian design will definitely make it worth putting on your two wheeler. The battery powered motor in the hub is made to assist you in your cycling commute. For up to 30 miles in a trip, you can effortlessly pedal to your destination without breaking a sweat. This is especially useful if you plan on going dressed to impress.

“FlyKly Smart Wheel Keeps You Looking Fly”

FlyKly Smart Wheel Keeps You Looking Fly