Gramovox – Bluetooth Vintage Sound


The “Gramophone”, “Phonograph”, or “talking machine” was originally patented by Thomas Edison in 1877 after his work on the telegraph and the telephone. As the first device able to record sound, it had it’s start as a novelty device which could play recordings on a tinfoil covered cylinder a few times before they wore out. Over thirteen decades later, we now have portable telephone video recording devices that can beam music to one another by bumping together. The minds at Gramovox want us to remember how it all began.

Gramovox is the World’s first Bluetooth gramophone, and a beautiful one at that. Inspired by the 1920s Magnavox R3 Horn Speaker, its elegant design combines vintage sensibilities with the convenience of today.

b10902825367d0ac61877f171a1fa374_largegramovox_03 Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

While this is a beautiful speaker and definite conversation piece, we can’t imagine the sound will also be vintage. Horn speakers have a tendency to accentuate mid range frequencies and not much else, which is why they were quickly replaced by modern speaker cabinets. If listening to a limited frequency range doesn’t bother you, this is a hand made piece of art that is as faithful to the past as it could get.

For more information on the Gramovox, visit their project page on kickstarter.

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