In-flight Meal Sucks? Fix the Plane.


Why does airline food so often range from bland to downright nasty? According to Co.Design, it doesn’t have to be that way — and change is just around the corner.

At present, in-flight meals have to overcome a few obstacles, the major issue having to do with cabin pressure and low humidity closing our sinuses, restricting our sense of smell, and dulling our sense of taste. But recent advancements in flight engineering are about to change the game.

From “Why Airline Food Sucks“:

“It is technology that is most likely to improve the experience of in-flight dining. New planes like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner feature improved cabin pressurization systems that not only make passengers feel healthier, but improve cabin humidity up to 15%. That’s a fourfold improvement in humidity that makes it all the more likely that your sinuses will stay open in-flight. Simply put? On newer planes like the 787, food will just taste better.”

Click through to find out how others, like innovative UK chef Heston Blumenthal, are also trying to improve your dinner through creative solutions involving the use of seaweed and nasal sprays.

[via Co.Design]

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