Video of the Year: Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”


“You know how in the middle of every creation, nothing makes sense and you want to die?” — Yoni Bloch, CEO of Interlude Studios

The interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone,” created by digital agency Interlude Studios, is an example of a wild concept, skillfully executed. It is one of the coolest things you’ll see this year.

The video is actually a collection of 16 clips, set up as simulated TV channels that you flip through as the song plays. But as you ‘channel-surf,’ switching from Pawn Stars to a cooking channel to a tennis match, you’ll notice something odd: everyone is lip-synching to the song in perfect time. The effect is made all the more surreal as you begin to spot comedian Marc Maron, rapper Danny Brown, and Drew Carey on the set of Price is Right; just a few of the celebrity personalities peppered throughout this fake TV universe.

Excerpted from Rolling Stone magazine’s look inside the making-of:

“The effect can only be surrealistic if the channels are realistic,” says Vania Heymann, the video’s 27-year-old Israeli director. “In reality, channel-flipping is a very passive act. You’re sitting back in your house, doing nothing. We wanted to make it an active thing, reediting the song itself to make a new version.”

The video took about two months to put together.

Yoni Bloch, the CEO of Interlude Studios, the digital production company behind the project, says of the video’s painful gestation, “You know how in the middle of every creation, nothing makes sense and you want to die?”

Heymann reports that most actors who auditioned for the project told him at the end of the audition, “This was very weird.” The doubts continued during the shoot. “I tried to tell people, ‘In the end, it’s all going to be connected.'”

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