Hardy wools, quality leather, waxed cotton — Filson has been  in the business of making rugged clothing and enduring luggage from these Americana staples since 1897. But the times have changed around this Seattle company and, under the direction of VP of Design and Merchandising Paul Choi, Filson is changing with them.

The introduction of their new “Seattle Fit,” for example, is a slimmer cut for the style-minded urban commuter, built to be every bit as tough and functional as the rest of their line. Take the Filson Guide Work Jacket, from GQ:

We dig how Filson’s really amped up the lifestyle factor of these togs, thanks to a curved front-loading game pocket that not only adds a cool aesthetic touch, but is perfect for toting tablets (or pheasants, if you want to use it for its original purpose). The back map pocket is particularly useful for bicycle commuters, as it’s an ideal place to store a mini U-lock and stuff like tire repair kits, while underarm gussets ensure ample arm movement.

It turns out you can teach an old bird dog new tricks, after all.

See Filson’s own comparison of the Seattle Fit with their fuller-cut, classic Alaska Fit, modeled by Al James, frontman of Portland, OR’s Dolorean, and NYC-based writer/GQ contributor David Coggins.



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