Gramovox – Bluetooth Vintage Sound


The “Gramophone”, “Phonograph”, or “talking machine” was originally patented by Thomas Edison in 1877 after his work on the telegraph and the telephone. As the first device able to record sound, it had it’s start as a novelty device which could play recordings on a tinfoil covered cylinder a few […]

Tasty Science: Aki and Alex of Ideas in Food


Porkbelly: Watermelon, Avocado Marble Not many food bloggers find themselves working in close collaboration with high-profile, push-the-envelope chefs like David Chang, Wylie Dusfrene, and Sean Brock. But Aki and Alex aren’t just any bloggers. Consider them a two-person culinary think tank. Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot are the couple […]

In-flight Meal Sucks? Fix the Plane.


Why does airline food so often range from bland to downright nasty? According to Co.Design, it doesn’t have to be that way — and change is just around the corner. At present, in-flight meals have to overcome a few obstacles, the major issue having to do with cabin pressure and low […]

Taste The Internet


We’ll start this post with an experiment. Open a new window and visit one of your favorite websites. Now, think about how it tastes. The notion of transmitting taste digitally sounds like something straight out of Sci-Fi or Willy Wonka (“The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!”). But researchers at the National University […]

The Week of the Big Interactive Music Video: Pharrell’s “Happy”


Fresh on the heels of the interactive video for “Like a Rolling Stone” we posted earlier this week, here’s Pharrell Williams’ with “Happy,” billed as “the world’s first 24-hour music video.” Let the video play all day, or use the interactive clock to skip around, keeping an eye out for […]

The Story of Design, and 11 of the Best Designs of all Time


The Nikon 1 Camera, a first-of-its-kind design that was never exported from Japan to the US; one of Esquire’s 11 Best-Designed Products featured in The Story of Design The Story of Design is a new book from design historians Charlotte and Peter Fiell which chronicles the history of design, its […]

These Old Bicycle and Typewriter Parts May Fly Away


If you’ve read some of our other articles, you already know that we really appreciate when an artist re-purposes the old and discarded. The latest example is the most recent work by French sculptor Edouard Martinet. Using the discarded parts from old bicycles, cars, mopeds and anything else to be […]

Video of the Year: Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”


“You know how in the middle of every creation, nothing makes sense and you want to die?” — Yoni Bloch, CEO of Interlude Studios The interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone,” created by digital agency Interlude Studios, is an example of a wild concept, skillfully executed. It […]

Ninja Sphere – A Smarter Home or HAL 9000?


Meet the Ninja Sphere, a new product from the team at Ninja Blocks, designed to give you maximum control over your environment. The Ninja Sphere monitors the activity in your home, learns your habits, and links to every compatible device in your home to measure its usage. It even knows where you […]

“René belongs to a very small group of unique creators”


From Eater’s First Look at René Redzepi’s A Work in Progress, a three-volume release including a cookbook, personal journal and collection of snapshots: The recipes book begins with an essay by Lars Ulrich (yes, that Lars Ulrich, of Metallica) entitled “Unafraid.” Redzepi assigned Ulrich the topic of “What is creativity?” which Ulrich answers: René […]

Do Ho Suh Fits One Home Into Another


‘Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home’ is the most recent work by artist Do Ho Suh. These 1:1 scale replicas of two homes that Do Ho Suh previously lived in are made of silk, with the much smaller traditional Korean home fitting inside of the American apartment building. […]

Filson: In the Battle of Old Vs. New, Everyone Wins


  Hardy wools, quality leather, waxed cotton — Filson has been  in the business of making rugged clothing and enduring luggage from these Americana staples since 1897. But the times have changed around this Seattle company and, under the direction of VP of Design and Merchandising Paul Choi, Filson is […]