I am almost a little apprehensive to use “Doctor Beak” as the main music video to introduce Siriusmo. The techno nature of the track may instantly turn many people away. But with a little music theory background, if you could give it a little listen as a musical test or musical experience, you would see that this somewhat simplistic groove is transformed many times. From different sound effects/instruments, jumping octaves, going from minor to major, Doctor Beak had a lot fun showcasing every little twist that can be done. Now take a listen of the next track:



If you listened to the entire Itchy/Cornerboy track without fast forwarding: welcome to Part 2 of our short music series: “Music that makes you think a little more” – Siriusmo. Like always you can learn more about this Berlin musician on Youtube, or, read up from Okfuture.  With that you will probably think a little bit more, expecting, anticipating for what the artist will lay on the table with the appropriate musical knowledge and references.


Easy Bonus: Einmal in der Woche schreien

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