If you always try to find some excuse to use legos without admitting you can’t let go of your inner child, you have been waiting for this day to come. Actually, it came a year ago, but Vitamins design has been working on this ongoing project for quite some time. What you see above is a lego calendar. The colorful blocks represent events.


And the little lego people are – well you get it.


The calendar was designed to be neat, flexible, tactile while at the same time big and visible. It had to work online as well as offline. It also would be discrete, as any passerby would be unable to tell which colors or people were being represented. Finally, software was used so that it could easily be translated and shared. Simply take a picture of it with your smartphone, and have it synched to your google calendar.


We think Vitamins found the easiest way to explain playing with legos at work.

[Via Creative Applications]

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