I am not exactly an expert on hip hop and we showcase mostly new developments in the realm of electronica. But once in a while we venture into the world heavy on beats and rhymes because when it’s done right, the groove and words can be so mesmerizing and enlightening. Today we have for you a New York native (Elmhurst, Queens) – Homeboy Sandman, a hip hop artist that raps not about money but perhaps on the problems created by money. His track Illuminati is laced with quite a few political and social issues we face each and every day here in America (from government wire tapping, race, media portrayal of woman, US as a military state), one really needs to take a deep breath before examining his lyrics line by line.



Now I’m making big noise
Playing with the big boys
I don’t mean the Big Noids
B, I mean the Sig Freuds

In his song Carpenter, which by the way, only has 51,000 views on Youtube, the groove is fast but not too furious. Sounds like an old school Outkast and De La Soul hybrid where he drops big words like Freud, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy. This UPenn graduate who dropped out of law school to pursue his hip hop passion is not afraid to show us that he is not just like any other rapper in the hip hop scene. He’s got an Ivy League diploma to back his rhymes.



People ask how come I read out a book.
Like I’m the herb to be concerned with how uncommon it look.
I don’t need to take the time out to speak
I already know nobody cares if thats the verse I wrote to the beat
And how I do too many features?
Please don’t start
How can artist make too much art?
I know that y’all do not mean harm
But it’s hard
I never get a chance to walk the line, cause all of y’all walk hard
Cause of the course, my shit is not on par
Forfeit every artform that it’s not gone far
I guess that that’s the price of being avant-garde
Sixteen bars, three verses long
Is the output of a Beatles album and one song
No disrespect to Bob Dylan
But show respect for Madvillain.

Top level of dope art
Black Thought, Ray Charles, Miles and Mozart
Might make the airwaves but music selection on British Airways don’t take no part


We feel his pride in what he does. To be different takes a lot of courage, and to stick with what you believe takes even more. There has to be some elements of pride in order for one to persist and endure, given the fact that being alternative and independent one always remain torn between staying innovative and ahead of the curve, or just appeal to the mass. But there can be a balance and hopefully Homeboy Sandman will infuse intelligent lyricism back into the music scene, not just for hip hop but for music that we can all listen to.

Bonus: Watch Homeboy Sandman doing an live set Dag, Philly Too (lyrics)

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