Many of you would react apprehensively, or fearfully to the sound of a gun. An old technology portrayed in many lights, but mostly as an instrument of death. “Disarm” is part of an ongoing project by artist Pedro Reyes to transform weapons into creative implements. In this case, musical instruments. Reyes states that “this is the redemption of the metal that could have taken your life or mine”.

Seized from Mexican criminal organizations,  the decommissioned weapons are used in a way that none could have anticipated. Teamed with several musicians, the many sounds a gun can make other than bang are explored.  Instruments are forged from different pieces of the weapons and then mechanized, not unlike a player piano, able to be played using digital software such as Ableton Live. “Technology is neither good nor bad. It depends on how you use it.” Says Reyes.

We’re all for breathing new life – literally in the case of the gun flute – into an old technology with a bad history.

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