Australia’s pop-electronic band Miami Horror released its new Single Real Slow a week ago. We are a little late because we can only write about music on Sundays!

Take a listen of their 2010 debut album Illumination on Youtube and you’ll realize that every song made sense. They’ve got that indie flare but we feel strongly that their sound could just as well work for the mainstream too. As far as Real Slow is concerned, it is a good track following up to their debut album. Not a leap evolution in their pop-synth-electronic signature but certainly worth anticipating for more.



I remember overhearing their hit song Sometimes (above) at the Bottega Veneta boutique on 5th Avenue a few years back and thought that sooner or later their music will catch on with the American public (trendsetters and fashion labels usually pick up indie music first ie. see Kitsune, before they get the bump and goes more mainstream). But that never seemed to have happened. Sometimes certainly is catchy, the music video draws you in with a simple romantic story too, but how come? How come after 3 years their Youtube views are only hovering right above 3 million? Do they not have a place here in America or the rest of the world?



Empire of the Sun is making it here (below). But what about the rest of the talent like Miami Horror, Hermitude (see previous Sunday Music Day article), Strange Talk (their hit song above has under 1 million views after 2 years)?


With that I would like to declared,

If pop songs could sound just like this.

Thank you Australia. Please continue what you do well – redefining the space of “indiepop,” and let us know that somewhere else on the other side of the world music for the masses can sound this good.

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