Moullinex is from Portugal.  His earlier works like “Love it is, then” from the Chocolate EP often combine electronica with an impeccable visual presentation.  If Love was to have colors, it could very well be like the music video, constantly changing and morphing.  The edgy brass synth keeps us on our toes throughout the entire track.  Pretty much everything from the EP, down to the pop hit  “Tear Club” is fantastic, also often laced with surprising elements (this song features a flute solo).



Another interesting track circa 2008 seen above features funk/soul samples from Janice McClain’s 1979 Smack Dab in the Middle.  The fun starts right at 1:00.  And since we are always about creativity of any form, we appreciate the awesome use of sampling of classic works for new use!



His new 2012 album Flora, though, while still maintaining an awesome visual (Sunflare is a great pop song) is much more toned down.  A little bit too, for the lack of better word, “hipster mainstream.”  Still a fun, catchy song to listen to with that pair of Audio-Technica A900, though.

Bonus: If you like the sound of Moullinex and have a good pair of headphones (your laptop speakers or iPhone earbuds will not do it justice), check out this rare Youtube gem – Xinobi’s BMX remixed by Moullinex. Xinobi is also Portuguese.

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