Hermitude, Neo-Turntablism

I can’t seem to remember when I first listened to DJ Krush’ Code 4109, but I still remember how connected I felt with each song as I listened to the full 1 hour 4 minutes of all 19 tracks of them.



I probably did not know what “turntablism” in the political correct sense was, I probably still don’t really know.  But from RJD2, DJ Shadow, to Diplo’s Florida, they all shared some similar characteristics.  But even amongst these artists I always thought DJ Krush’ Code 4109 was the most interesting and sophisticated one.  But today is Sunday Music Day, since DJ Krush hasn’t released much of anything new, we will have to go to the true younger generations with new creations!  So for this week’s quick intro to our favorite new tunes, we present Hermitude.  While personally I feel the sound is not as matured, their music is of something more “clever.” Much more clever, just like kids these days.



From the beginning MIDI sound of steel drums and xylophone to a good mixture of hip hop grooves and electronic synth, to the ending piano solo with tiger roaring in the background, we can only say, I mean, what else can we say!  It truly gave a glimpse of what a hyper paradise would be.  If I may, I would like to label it Neo-Turntablism, heavy with bits and pieces of hip hop and electronica, but they blend so integrally it’s very difficult to classify or identify the elements.

The Cloud City from Hermitude is a masterpiece where I can find traces of Krush’ lament, but the mixture is so intelligently executed it becomes its own kind.


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