Japanese OG App Game for your iPhone 5 now available states side

Elecom PlayGame Case

Before there were Apps, there were real games that you coordinate your hands to move a physical object in order to achieve an almost tangible goal (not just points).  Apps are now millions (and billions <tumblr>) business and every developer is waiting to create the next draw something.  But no, we stick to the old school, the almost neglected – physical things that you use in real life!  Elecom Japan’s new PlayGame cases for iPhone 5 will still let you play physically (albeit you do have to look at the back of your phone), after finishing that next level of Candy Crush.  The new cases are now available states side right here via AC Gears for $39 a piece.

Give this a try, go to a bar, take out your phone with a PlayGame case and start a conversation with a stranger instead.  We think there may still be value in old school games that most of us grew up with.

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