Arm Yourself For NYE: Hangover Myths, Debunked


There is an endless supply of misinformation and mysticism when it comes to a hangover and how to effectively manage one. On this New Year’s Eve, arm yourself with cold, hard facts, courtesy of GQ’s chat with hangover specialist (really) Jason Burke, and act accordingly. On the subject of “What […]

The TS-1 Team Sneaker: Very Fancy Footwork


After recently adding Teenage Engineering’s Oplab to the AC Gears online store, one of the accessories in particular, crafted to work with the ‘Musical Experimental Board,’ caught our eye. The TS-1 Team Sneaker is a collaboration between Teenage Engineering and Swedish shoe makers Spalwart. When it comes to a device made […]

Better With Leather: Ryo Kashiwazaki of Tokyo’s Hender Scheme


Hender Scheme, a small leather atelier operating out of Tokyo, broke into the public spotlight with their Manual Industrial Products series — a solemn name belying the lighthearted and street-centric nature of the project, a series of natural leather reproductions of iconic sneakers, from the Adidas Stan Smith to a […]

Desktop Dystopia: And You Thought Your Desk Was Cluttered


When first looking at this design by modeler Hiroto Ikeuchi, it was hard to tell exactly what we were looking at. This dystopian scene is an elaborate case modification/desk diorama surrounding a PC. Armed figurines stand guard of the transformed structures, intimidating ne’er-do-wells from their precious home base. The intricate plastic model […]

The Serendipity of the Iconic “Earthrise” Photo


On Christmas Eve 1968, the first humans to ever orbit the moon were rewarded with an astounding vision of the Earth rising over it; it was a once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunity they almost missed completely. From NPR: “It just so happens that as they came around, Bill Anders, the rookie on […]

The Ceramic Canvas: The Art of Plating


Paul Liebrandt, the chef at the Elm, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, constructed a delicately Dr. Seussian tableau of squab, beet, tarragon flowers and pink dabs of crab apple juice. Mr. Liebrandt, whose plating is on full display in his new book, “To the Bone,” and who cites the influence of painters like […]

‘For Those Who See’ – Sound to Sight


‘For Those Who See‘ by Daniel Schulze from Berlin realizes the beauty of sound on a new visual medium. Forty-nine speakers create vortices, which fog aids in visualizing; they look like smoke rings being blown rhythmically into the air. The video only shows a straightforward percussive sound repeating, so we’re […]

SMD – Bo Burnham’s “what.”


Published free on Youtube and Netflix a week before Christmas 2013, what. by Bo Burnham demonstrates the boundless possibilities of the creative human mind. No, this is not your typical stand-up comedy act. The one-hour show contains puns, jokes, poetry, (planned) improv moments, and him dancing, singing, playing piano, and […]

“The Owl Organ” Is a Hoot


“The Owl Organ”‘ by British designer David Cranmer of Nervous Squirrel is a wonderful combination of musical synthesis and creepy lawn ornaments. Fifty owl figures, originally used to frighten birds away, were brought together and tuned to correspond to each key on a MIDI controller. When played, their eyes glow, […]

100 Years of Schott: The Enduring Legacy of The Leather Jacket


In the mid-1920’s, Irving Schott changed the way we dress when he put the first zipper on a jacket. Imagine. The first zipper. That wouldn’t be Schott’s last innovation, either. In 1928, he produced the first leather jacket specifically for use on a motorcycle, a jacket co-opted by Brando and Dean, […]

Super Awesome Micro Project: A Car Made of Legos, Powered by Air


There are few things as universally-beloved as Lego. The popular building block has inspired everything from works of art to amazing feats of engineering; for a recent case in point, see the Super Awesome Micro Project. Created by Melbourne marketer and entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and 20-year-old Romanian tech wizard Raul Oaida, […]

Dreamers, Entertainers, Old Guard, Next Wave: The Verge 50


The Verge looks back on 2013 and shouts out the women and men who, through innovative thought and decisive action, changed the way we experience the world. Organized into categories (the dreamers, the informers, the noisemakers, the entertainers, the world changers, the old guard, and the next wave) the refreshingly […]