AC Gears is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Unit Portables, the Swedish brand that produces a full line of stylish, functional bags and leather goods for the modern age.

Take their innovative first bag, for instance. The Unit 01 Shoulder Bag, designed as an all-in-one carrier for your personal computer and other personal effects, comes with two smaller pouches (the Unit 02 and Unit 03 — also available to be purchased separately, for additional storage) that attach to the inside or outside of the Unit 01, creating a product that’s fully customizable to your needs. Add to that a great-looking minimalist design and solid color palette and you have a tech-friendly bag perfectly suited for the urban jungle.

This functional aesthetic carries over to the rest of their product line, from leather holders for your travel documents to their fully-equipped Overnight Bag. Take a closer look at their products and get them straight from us, or at any authorized Unit Portables retailer.

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