Fashion is evolving, but not always led by big name designers.  From the ground up we have Etsy, with artists hand creating things from their desktops.  On the retail end, AC Gears is happy to introduce Tiemension, a hybrid fashion-tech brand specialized in creating Tie related wearables.   With a flare of being forward, but still affordable and accepted, at least in New York.


Neck ties, perhaps one of the most important accessories when wearing a suit, The Mirage‘s official retail release gives men everywhere another brilliant clip-on option.  Made with metal polished to resemble the surface of a mirror, it’s something that, we are sure, Gaga would approve.



Step back, if The Mirage is too hot.  The pixel inspired Mini Pixel Bow Tie is a refreshing, ABS Plastic take on the 500 year old men’s formal wear.  If desired, you may put custom-made Swarovski crystals to take it two levels up.


Second image above depicts The Dark Fader Bow Tie, another small but definitive take on how a bow tie should look – unconventionally.  Named after Darth Vader’s evil twin, the Dark Fader is sleeker and certainly more vicious, it will gleam with the force from the dark side at any party.

Finally the Pixel Pooch Collar Bow Tie, a pixel style collar for your best friend in the animal kingdom.  Fantastic bold color combination.  Black 3-dimensional polka dots.


All Tiemension products will become available on Friday, September 28th 2012 at AC Gears both online and in-store.

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