Kid Koala Space Cadet Headphone Concert

As the kind of person (old? crotchety?) for whom the idea of a concert where everyone is sitting/laying down nearly comatose usually sounds far more appealing than the typical standing-room-only setup, this Kid Koala headphone tour had me at ‘hello.’

Coming to Fort Greene on April 3rd and 4th, it’s an “immersive headphone concert experience” that will have the audience in “inflatable ‘space pods,’ listening to the show through individual headphone systems” all while Kid Koala plays through the score to Space Cadet, the graphic novel he released last year.

Before the shows, you can also check out a gallery installation featuring a bunch of Space Cadet-related stuff (“interactive Music Spaceship Console,” “Space Cadet Soundtrack Jukebox,” etc.). Tickets are still available here.

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