Model Kits from Japan for Grown-Ups

Bandai Japan’s new Exploring Labs has just released 2 sophisticated model kits – the ISS Space Suit Extravehicular Mobility Unit, and the Shinkai 6500 Deep Diving Submersible. Featuring an Extravehicular Suit astronaut in 1/10 scale with snap-on parts and movable joints so no glue is required. While the Shinkai 6500 requires glue, enthusiasts can paint the interior of the Submersible. Both models come with detachable and movable parts as well as LED lamps just the way the actual suit and machine were designed.

For those in the know, the Japanese Shinkai 6500 is the world’s deepest-diving crewed submersible. It is capable of going down 6500 meters (4.03 miles), carrying two crew and a researcher inside the titanium pressure hull. Completed in 1990, The Shinkai 6500 is currently being operated not beyond the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean in all kinds of seabed topography and geology, conducting research, including deep-sea organisms and has contributed to many scientific discoveries. The Shinkai 6500 has been made into a LEGO model.

Both models are now available for purchase immediately via at $95.99 and $85.99 respectively. They will also be available at AC Gears’ NYC store in February.
Read more about the Shinkai 6500 on Wikipedia.

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