Unit Portables on Refinery29’s Tinseltown

Thanks to Refinery29 for featuring our Unit Portables Unit 05 Overnight Bag (in both army green and navy) as part of their fun and sassy holiday video gift/travel guide! Click over to Tinseltown, R29’s “shimmering holiday destination” for the whole clip, which ends with a manic, 60-second packing challenge.

Bokeh Masters Kit

Bokeh (pronounced “bo” as in “bone” and “keh” as in “Kenneth”) is a photography term that comes from the Japanese boke, meaning “blur” or “haze.” And in the same way that the Japanese appreciate the beauties of imperfection in their concept of wabi-sabi, the term is a positive one, referring […]

US Release: Pocket Micro for iPhone

AC Gears is proud to announce the first retail release of the Japan made Pocket Micro, a professional and medical grade microscope for iPhone 4, 4S.  As a collaboration project with Canon Electronics the lens used for the Pocket Micro can take highly accurate, detailed, and beautiful images.  On-board rechargeable Lithium-ion […]

Retail Release of Tiemension at AC Gears

Fashion is evolving, but not always led by big name designers.  From the ground up we have Etsy, with artists hand creating things from their desktops.  On the retail end, AC Gears is happy to introduce Tiemension, a hybrid fashion-tech brand specialized in creating Tie related wearables.   With a flare […]