Lana Del Rey (née Lizzy Grant) has been putting out some of the best low-budget music videos of the year. Her new clip for single “Blue Jeans”, in which she coos that “I will love you to the end of time, I would wait for a million years,” follows the same model as her previous offerings. As Tim Jonze very correctly observed for the Guardian, Grant is working from Lynchian influences (perhaps equally Chris Isaak/Roy Orbison as the sad surf guitar lines seem to suggest), and the videos she uses to accompany her songs are a perfect representation, mashing together elements of pop culture as disparate as Tupac, skate videos and old footage of the Sunset Strip in a way that fits in exactly with David Lynch’s version of Los Angeles. Throughout it all, she appears; not just to model, primp or pose, but to observe, set apart like a figurine on a shelf, leaving us with the lasting impression that she is somehow the last remaining princess on Earth.

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