I received a pleasant email today from a company called AUTUM, including pictures of a beautiful, tough-looking bicycle, the MINION. The email noted that, due to a “wretched case of company A.D.D.,” their product line was not going to be limited to bikes. I clicked over to their site, expecting to see a line of bike tie-in products (custom saddles, leather bike pouches and what not). What I found instead were handsome looking iPad cases and a leather zip billfold that carries all the charm of the classic CDG design with a fraction of the pricetag, and a promise of more to come.

AUTUM is a company dedicated to making the things they love, and making them well. That may be all the product line synergy I need.

The short URL of the present article is: http://wp.me/s3KoEv-autum

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