Robyn’s 3-d, Twitter-linked Video

I’ve been listening to a lot of Robyn after watching her absolutely kill it on Letterman with the single “Dancing On My Own”, a great song in its own right, and hearing the lean-back, reggae-tinged track she did with Diplo that was dubbed “No Hassles” when a clip of it leaked on Youtube (now “Dancehall Queen” on the album).

I just discovered she’s also got a video for Body Talk Pt. 1 opening track “Don’t F******* Tell Me What To Do.” It’s not my favorite track on the record, but the concept is a new one – the video is online, in 3-d, and is synched up with Twitter, pulling in tweets marked with the hashtag #killingme and displaying them on the bottom of the screen, providing a real-time update of what’s killing everyone out there in the Twitter-verse. To watch the video, go to, which is written entirely in code.

It’s just not as fun without 3-d glasses, though, right? It makes me second-guess myself not picking up these 3-d aviators (and clip-on attachments) that I’d run across at the Surface to Air store in Paris, made by the always-bizarre fashion and art collective Bless.

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