If you haven’t been watching The Neistat Brothers yet on HBO, I recommend it. I happened to come across it last week and now I’m hooked.

These two brothers have made a show that is unabashedly optimistic, creative and fun – a hard thing for two 20-somethings in New York to create without coming off as weird and annoying. Each episode is a collage of short films, loosely bound together with a unifying theme.

The look is boldly D.I.Y. and the brothers Neistat (pronounced Nye-stat – nye, like Bill Nye, the Science Guy) are so enthusiastic that it’s contagious. Andy Spade is involved, too, which makes a lot of sense. It’s New York with all its quirks.

A lot of the show’s charm comes from how behind-the-scenes is mixed right into the show – parts of it end up feeling like a show about making the show. Anyway, if there’s one thing to take away from this description, it’s that it’s a tough show to describe. You’ll see what I mean.

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