Xiao Ye – Street Market Food, Hip Hop Flavor

New York kids: keep your eyes on the Lower East Side. Eddie Huang has been running a great shop called Baohaus (no relation to the Vietnamese sandwich chain Baoguette operated by Michael Huynh). There, he’s been slinging Taiwanese-style buns filled with top-notch product like pork belly and hanger steak, but he’s had bigger and better ambitions for some time now. Xiao Ye, his concept for a restaurant built around the kinds of foods you’d find at a Taiwanese night market, is about to open to the public. A portion of the just-finalized menu is above.  You can tell the kid’s got a sense of humor, but if you check his blog you’ll discover he also has a genuine love of good food, perhaps rivaled only by his passion for hip-hop.

The menu is broken down into small, medium, and big plates with the entire experience crafted to promote family-style dining;  dish-sharing in a casual environment with high-quality ingredients. Roll in with some friends and order up a slew of small dishes like Kim Jong’s Ill Noodles or Tarofongo (a Taiwanese play on the Puerto Rican plantain dish Mofongo), or go at it with some of the larger plates like the Everything But The Dog Meat Platter or Robster Craws, prepared in Hainan style. Don’t worry – you may not know your Hainan from your Hunan yet. It’s alright. That’s why Eddie Huang is here.

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