Have you seen Wilfredo Gomez?

For those of you who aren’t up on your HBO, the new show How to Make It in America (with Kid Cudi) is a NY version of Entourage, only with a start-from-square-one, no fame or riches yet concept.

The show occasionally references a skater by the name of Wilfredo Gomez, a downtown NY skate legend dropped off the radar leaving the main characters with stacks of Wilfredo Gomez pro decks that, in the absence of the pro skater himself, just won’t sell.

At one point, Cam (played scrappy and loose by Victor Rasuk) tries unloading the decks to unsuspecting school kids in Upper Manhattan out of desperation. The name Gomez means nothing to them. But the story? They eat that up with a spoon. “Wilfredo Gomez coulda been the best skater in New York. But he went crazy, OK? Now he’s shaking down kids for their pizza money on the Lower East Side!” Ka-ching.

Anyway, Wilfredo’s fictitious. Not real. Made up…to an extent. Truth is greater than fiction, yeah? Check the “documentary” above that explores the Gomez legend. The man may be a myth, but each of the stories in this clip is true about someone. If you know your NY skate culture, try and match each story with a name. Tom Penney? The late, great Harold Hunter? I’d love to know who was hiding poop in shoeboxes at parties and calling it Hide-A-Dook, wouldn’t you?

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