Digital Harinezumi Fans listen up! Superheadz has secretly and silently released its 3rd version of the Digital Harinezumi dubbed Digital Harinezumi 2++. Below are the upgraded features:

1. Stand alone, permanent monochrome mode (for those digging the B/W Super 8 film feel)
2. On-off sound mode (for those using DH to make music videos, movies, b-roll shots)
3. Instant preview after image taken (before you couldn’t preview your images after they are taken)

Overall, I think these are definitely great improvements, especially the preview mode so you can see the pictures you’ve taken instantly. The 2++ version is now available from Japan, but not yet available outside of Japan. You can now order the new 2++ from for the same price as the 2 version ($169.99). For more information, check out Superheadz’ official DH2++ page.

Don’t forget the New Museum DH Art Exhibition is tomorrow. RSVP if you can. See you all there!

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