The rise of the macaron

This is the Year of the Macaron. Chalk up its current street cred to the fact that it’s cute and hails from Paris, but its cultural reach goes a little beyond that. Consider the fact, for instance, that this book – an ode (and a recipe/instruction book) to this tough-to-master pastry made up of ground almond, egg whites and powdered sugar — is authored by a world-renowned Japanese, not Parisian, pastry chef. Yes, it’s big in Japan, too. And anything big in Japan and consisting of bright colors gets its own – what have we learned by now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls? – its own sneaker, that’s right.

And I think we have a winner on that front. These Nike Macaron collection joints look tasty. They’ll be available in April from Colette in Paris.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these and just fill them up with cream and…wait, what? What’s wrong? That’s weird? To whom? All right, you know what, just forget it.

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