Throw hipster parties with Lecci Mixer

Everyone is a DJ and anybody can scratch. If you have a laptop, grab a copy of Virtual DJ, or Traktor, do some auto beat matching and you’d be DJing live in 10 minutes. Or if you are old school like us, shell out a couple hundred dollars to get some CD or vinyl decks, and you can scratch like these (annoying) 5 year old YouTube sensations in a couple days. But if you don’t got the dough, nor a MacBook, but still have that iPod Shuffle, then may we suggest the Lecci Mini MP3 Mixer ($29.99 from AC Gears), and you can still invite all your hipster friends for a proper party. It’s true you won’t be able to scratch with Lecci, but at least you can crossfade in real time without the assistance of some expensive computer programs. Old fashioned like the good old days, beat matching and crossfading all with your own ears. Just remember to invest the money saved in a couple more bottles of Vodka and your guests won’t even notice when you screw up.

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