Adidas Augmented Reality Pack


Adidas is getting into augmented reality in a unique way — taking some of their most iconic shoes and stamping them with an AR code on the tongue. Holding these shoes up to a web camera will them cause the 3d Adidas Neighborhood to bloom right out of the shoe. Just…I don’t know, watch the video.

As time goes on, Adidas will be releasing games specifically tailored for this AR Pack. Use your shoe as a phone? Running game like you used to do with Nintendo PowerPad (known in Japan as Family Trainer)? Maybe I don’t understand how this is actually supposed to work. I guess I’ll just watch the Youtube video again and keep quiet. As for you, click over to the Adidas site for a preview of the AR experience. Download a special code and go to town. As it says on the site, however, the only way to get the full nine yards is to grab a pair of the shoes.

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