The idea of a $700-800 computer tablet had thrown me before – more than anything, I didn’t give it much thought. But it’s on now. Apple’s in there like swimwear (we think, as of 11:40 EST). Apple? Tablet? Applet? The technology has a lot of potential applications – video, photo display, etc. – but it’s garnered a bulk of the attention based around what it could do for the e-book market.

What’s the deal with this, though, anyway? The guy at HP uses Star Trek as an example – on the show, slate computers were de riguer. The thin tablets were all around, their touch screens ready to input or display information sans keyboard. Sci-fi is now sci-reality.


On that note, consider this offering from BookBook. Currently, it’s meant for a Macbook but, if we’ll all have tablets around the house within a few years in lieu of worn-in hardcovers, it’d be nice to wrap them up in something that looks this familiar.

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