Dust Tag V1.0 — Graffiti for the iPhone


The thought of graffiti art as an iPhone app has a really hollow, corporate ring to it (‘Tag’ the back of your McDonald’s cup to build your ‘street cred’ with the McNugget Buddies and the rest of the Happy Meal Gang…but don’t let Mayor McCheese ‘ketchup’ you in the act!).

But when the technology is in the hands of real street artists passionate about graf, it’s a lot more likely you’ll sit up and take notice. Created by Graffiti Research Lab, the app gives artists a chance to record and archive their designs on the fly, creating tags based on finger swipes and alternating thicknesses based on speed, rendering the whole thing in 360-degree 3-d images. Check out the above clip to see what I mean. Spotted on Freshness Mag.

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