A Decade of Gadgets


WIRED Magazine has their roundup of the gadgets that defined the now-but-a-memory Naughts, Aughts, or Naughty-Aughties (if you nasty). According to them, it’s the iPod that hands-down basically gets a free pass to strip down to boxer-briefs, climb up on the Jager-soaked bar-top and drunkenly slur out a bunch of different variations on snooty, sore-winner taunts such as  ‘Winner-winner, chicken dinner,’ and ‘How ya like THEM apples??’ while gyrating in a way that, let’s be honest, it’s going to be pretty seriously embarrassed getting text messages about the next morning. Click on over to get Wired’s write-ups on each year’s gadget-‘o-the-year.

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