After just talking up the hazy, dreamy, worn-in, Super-8-style video quality of the Harinezumi, this pops up in my inbox today. The above clip, a promo for the downtown-NY-street-grimey-styles Rocksmith holiday line, is shot entirely with the little Japanese wonder you see below.
I love it because it’s the perfect match-up, from visuals to soundtrack (Jay Reatard’s garage-rattling It Ain’t Gonna Save Me) for a camera that manages to do a lot by aspiring to do very little. This is exactly how this camera was meant to be used.
Just goes to show, when you’re talking kids and skating and the L.E.S., just like in the old days, you don’t need big money to get it right. Then again, sometimes a little New Money helps (seriously, a flip on the New Yorker typeface? Nice).

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