A New York Minute


“There are young artists who love irony and rude conceptualism, who like art history jokes, who make art for academics and not for people. I’m not really down with them, and they are definitely a big boring bummer compared to the active community I am a part of.”


For a short list of downtown NYC artists that aren’t “a big, boring bummer,” you could certainly start with those featured in “A New York Minute,” now showing in Rome. The quote above comes from Kathy Grayson, curator of the exhibition and director of New York’s Deitch Projects, who has put together a really fun looking, energetic mix of stuff that showcases well-knowns right alongside the up-and-coming.



The show includes everything from photographs taken by the recently-deceased Dash Snow to a piece by Cory Arcangel and art collective Paper Rad that Grayson explains “was made almost entirely through the Internet in a year-long series of emails and data exchanges.”


A.R.E. Weapons played at the opening of “A New York Minute.” In a small, pretty inconsequential AC Gears-related side note, A.R.E. Weapons had made their video for ‘F What You Like’ with our help, in a manner of speaking.


By that I mean, one of the guys on the video crew popped in on the day of the shoot to pick out some small speakers for them to use while shooting in Chinatown. Okay, so maybe we don’t exactly earn a production credit on that one, but we don’t need it. We’re just here to help, y’know?

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