Milton Glaser


Milton Glaser is one of those designers you just know, whether or not you recognize the name. The “I (heart) New York” design may be one of the most lasting and iconic images ever created. Yep, that was Glaser. Not only that, but he’s never collected a thin dime for it, having contributed his services pro-bono to the 1977 marketing campaign for the state of New York.


Glaser also put forth one of the first lifestyle magazines as co-founder and designer of New York Magazine. You can get the bigger picture of the man through a recent documentary titled “Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight” which closed its run in June this year but should be available for purchase through Arthouse Films.


Head over to his site to take a look at his work through the years, recently made available for purchase as posters & prints. Bonus: the guy who runs The Full Clip, one of my regular visits on the music blog circuit, works for the guy. Click over to get the good word.

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