Royal Bangs

I was cruising a new favorite mp3 blog ( – a perfect one-track-for-one-image concept) when this one caught me by total surprise.

It’s a little LCD Soundsystem, a little garage-rock, catchy in an off-kilter way, danceable, paranoid and weird. This track, “My Car Is Haunted,” sounds like they’re barreling down the road with Hunter S. Thompson, completely loaded, riding the track till the wheels come off.


If you’re into it, check their Myspace for more. Out of the tracks you can stream there, my personal pick goes to ‘Waking Up Weird.’ But best description of a track? That’s ‘War Bells’, hands down:

I wrote this song after I had a badass dream about winning a war against androids. I think it will really pull people together when it happens, although the years of crushing servitude preceding it will be really shitty for our grandchildren. Anyhow, this song is about the weird, optimistic morning after, smelling like burning plastic, drinking in the street, etc. I imagined it would be a nice time to be alive.

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