Mario Kart, Aziz Ansari, etc.

[youtube: 540]

If you’re not reading Aziz Ansari’s blog already, you need to start. I saw Funny People over the weekend and let me be the first to tell you something you’ll be hearing a lot over the next few weeks – Aziz steals the 146 minute show with only about five minutes of on-screen time. What’s not to like? He’s a foodie, rolls with Kanye and hunts with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), and just generally knows what’s what. Take this video he shares in an old-ass blog post. Ever play Mario Kart? Then you need to see this.

[youtube: 540]
And check out his ongoing series of RAAAAAAAANDY! shorts, part of a faux-documentary involving his Funny People character, which was developed around the question, “what if Soulja Boy did stand up comedy?”

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