Passion Pit

I know we’re not scooping anyone here. It’s just that we really love it.

I ran into Jackson at the store the other day and, in between hearing about his recent Per Se and Jean Georges exploits (fancy, isn’t he?), we got to talking about Passion Pit. I thought I’d squared away my record of the summer, but after last month’s release of Manners my whole game’s thrown. I know, too much good summer music– a tough problem to have, ay? Where’s my Dark ‘n Stormy?

The whole record’s a killer, but it’s the second track, ‘Little Secrets,’ that caught me off guard this week while waiting for the subway. As upset as I am with the song for making me prance by all bouncy and bubbly  past the Monday morning commuters, who I’m confident were strangling me with their eyes, I can’t be mad for long. It’s audio Zoloft. This will just be how I walk now.


Just listen to it. The little synth bursts punctuating each phrase. The ‘Hard-Knock Life’-style children’s choir on the chorus. Even the lyrics —

Let this be our little secret /
No one needs to know we’re feeling /
(Higher, and higher, and higher)

But I feel alive and I feel it in me/
Up and up I keep on climbing/
(Higher, and higher, and higher)

Come on. If this doesn’t make you smile, you’re a joyless sack of crap. No, we’re just kidding. But, really, your heart is a fist-sized lump of coal and you should probably get that checked out.

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