The new muxtape

Remember If you never had the pleasure, what you missed was the best music-sharing platform designed for the web so far — most aesthetically-pleasing, easiest to use, unmatched in its ability to retain the aspect of human connection so central to making and sharing mixtapes in the first place.

As always, the good die young and Muxtape fell victim to a swift RIAA crackdown. But it didn’t stay dead for long.

The new Muxtape is up-and-running, as I discovered the other day after typing in the URL in a fit of nostalgia. But the outline has changed. So their first problem was with facilitating the illegal distribution of copyrighted material? Now, they’ve gone the opposite direction; as a platform for bands, all the material belongs to the distributors.

Until now, Myspace had still been the best way to connect with bands on the web. In fact, that’s about all it’s been good for after Facebook came along to show us that social networking doesn’t have to be ugly and clunky.

Muxtape may be a better answer. It does look promising, offering artists a chance to go beyond simply connecting with their fanbase. With features like the ability to present HD quality video, it feels like there’s less being compromised. And with bands like Sigur Ros, Grizzly Bear, Yacht and others on-board, it’s off to a very good start.

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