Stylophone – Bringin’ Synth Back

Invented by Brian Jarvis in 1967, the Dubreq Stylophone has been used not only in a David Bowie song, but as an alien form of communication in Dr. Who‘s “Horror of Glam Rock.” Now, forty years later and long after the original Stylophone has gone out of production, the synth legend is making a come back.

Check out Britain’s Got Talent sensation Brett Domino’s 80’s medley on the Stylophone.

And for a more modern take, Toby Long does a rendition of The Killer’s “Somebody Told Me.”

Now if only the people coming into to AC Gears to play with the stylophone were this good. Get your own stylophone here and do your part in bringing the 60’s back. Just leave the bad hair in the past, thanks.

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