Wall Street as Pompeii

I don’t normally mine this type of territory, but it is tougher to shrug off the fact that we’re in the midst of dark times. For some, “it’s a depression if we think it’s a depression” — and, true, it’ll take hindsight for historians and economists to properly analyze our current situation sometime after we’ve bumbled and fumbled our way out of the thicket.

The problem as Nick Cavalero explains on The New York Moon is that, once we’re out, it’s too easy to be blinded once again by the sun and wander right back in it.

His solution? A wax museum to capture this moment in time, a striking image like the city of Pompeii, their way of life perfectly preserved under the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The offices of the 21st century financial collapse would be exactly as they were: a wax figure staring out the window, gesturing wildly and speaking on a Bluetooth headset. For effect, a large cigar could be smoldering in an ash tray near the window (in clear defiance of a citywide indoor smoking ban). Part of a wall hanging might read: “Here was a man who was too smart for his own good. His efforts led to the financial ruin of hundreds of thousands. Yet the effects on his own life were minimal. He lives to this day in a palace in Scarsdale, N.Y.”

And thanks to this feature, I’ve discovered the illustration work of John Lee. Click over and have a look at some of the other great work this kid is turning out.

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