Wu-Tang album covers remixed

L-R: The original and Walters’ remix

From an ongoing series by freelancer Logan Walters that he’s calling the “Wu-Note Project,” here’s the most recent entry uploaded to his Flickr today: a re-imagined cover for Killah Priest’s Heavy Mental.

L-R: The original and Walters’ remix

Walters began the project inspired by Olly Moss and M.S. Corley, who were thoughtfully crafting design remixes of their own — exercises in design purity and throwbacks to a more classic era.  And, as far as Walters was concerned, what could be more classic than Blue Note?

Side-by-side: A Blue Note release and Walters’ Ghostface design

I know there’s a certain nostalgia that comes into play with hip-hop cover art. Wu-Tang records are loved to death, man, and change is hard to get used to. I get it.

But just look at what happens when you strip away the clutter. And Blue Note Records is the perfect reference point — seeing these covers re-imagined through this filter, it’s easy to picture the Wu cats thriving in that era; sessioning with McCoy Tyner, blowing minds with Ornette Coleman, kicking back with Coltrane and Monk.

Plus, look how nice Walters’ Itunes looks now. The ODB remix is my favorite. Isn’t it exactly what it should be?

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