Grizzly Bear in the New Yorker

In the upcoming week-of-May-11 issue of The New Yorker, Sasha Frere-Jones gives a nice little run-down of the much-publicized yet still fun-to-follow Grizzly Bear. Focusing primarily on the group’s inspired use of vocal harmonies, the piece tracks the band’s progress from 2003 to the present as they prepare to release Veckatimest at the end of the month.

Teaser shots from the Two Weeks set (via Stereogum)

Frere-Jones touches on the new record at the end, comparing it in equal parts to Sonic Youth’s Sister and Radiohead’s Amenesiac and calling my personal favorite ‘Two Weeks’ a “big fat ice-cream cone of a song.” Whatever he means by that, it seems to make perfect sense. At least it gives us more to chew on as we wait for the Patrick Daughters video treatment

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