These United States – Everything touches everything

In my inbox today: Illustrator and comic artist John Malloy points us to some album artwork he’s done for These United States‘ new record ‘Everything Touches Everything’. What do you think? I’m feeling it.

These United States is a collective that hails mainly from Washington, D.C.. I’d heard of them originally through a music festival called Mission Creek held annually in my hometown of Iowa City. Turns out one of the main players in TUS, Jesse Elliott, spent some time there for college before relocating to D.C. From an interview last year with Elliott:

“College in particular was a pretty magical experience for me. Iowa City’s an amazing little oasis of thought and sound and fury and art and love and corn and — well, you know…”

Right on.

At any rate, for more from These United States check out one of two studio sessions the collective has done for music website Daytrotter.

To get a look at John Malloy’s other inspiring work, including his recent fine art series ‘One Out of a Hundred,’ click on through to his website.

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