Die Trying

I’m reminded of Tyler Durden’s Seventh Rule of Innovation: “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”

Now, The Bear took early fame by summiting Everest at age 23. Pretty cool.

So how about trying highest mountains on every continent while being a few years older?

In early 2003, a Wall Street banker named Bo Parfet set out to accomplish just that. Follow the incredible story of one man’s battle against his own limitations from dodging avalanches to crossing a ladder over a bottomless crevasse. Find out what it takes to bury a dead teammate at 27,000 feet. Be there for every near-death experience and be inspired and reminded to defy the odds of chasing our dreams.

Check out his blog here.

There’s really only one path to enlightenment, or that of culture, nay, that of life: get out there and walk it.

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