Eskuche Headphones go Daft Punk

So what those Daft Punk girls on Youtube are actually missing for their routine are these new Eskuche Headphones, which arrived to our store last Friday.

The designers behind these Daft Punkish headgear are in fact the masterminds of Boosted Headphones – candy colored headphones on acid. They were extremely popular when they were still available. So it was no surprise that the new Eskuche brand is stylishly innovative.

We gave them a try and at $59.99 a pair, they are not bad at all. Sound stage is fairly decent, and the lows are tight without being too boomy.

The Eskuche’s are currently available at Urban Outfitters’ (in gold) and AC Gears (in silver), and three other fashion stores, mainly as fashion accessories.

Finally a company to bring out the Daft Punk in all of us as we rock out discreetly those electro classics from the 90’s.

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