UO x ACL and more…

From the desk of Jeremy Dean…

I’ll start by saying ‘Sorry.’ We’re gonna be cruising through a lot of things at once, drifting off into the occasional tangent David Foster Wallace-style. Ready? This’ll be a long one…

Back in April: As part of his ‘From the Desk Of…’ series, Michael Williams of ACL pops in for a visit with Jeremy Dean, current art director for Urban Outfitters. Yeah, his desk is cool but we also care for the following reasons:

1. Mr. Dean comes from House Industries, known as new leaders in the world of typography and design. Check out their 10-year retrospective released in ’04. It’s fantastic, as is this pull-no-punches look at the font foundry’s legacy from the perspective of a competitor.

2. A real dyed-in-the-wool hardcore kid, Mr. Dean laid out, designed or art directed covers for some much-loved records, working with labels like Jade Tree and Deathwish, resulting in the occasional iconic piece of art. Kid Dynamite, anyone?


Recently: Michael Williams returns the favor by letting UO poke around his Manhattan residence. In case there was any doubt, it’s now pretty official — Mr. Williams is a man who truly lives what he blogs, from Stanley thermoses to aged copies of Life Magazine and all other things romantically Americana.

This led me to further Urban profiles, which I’d never seen before. Try this one, an interview with Control director Anton Corbijn.

Or this, an interview with Evan Coga of Chief, conducted by Jason Crombie of the ever-reckless Wooooo Magazine. Much like this post, the interview starts with an apology — so, it must be good, right?

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