Ed Banger and Kid Cudi

We’ve had this new headphone collaboration between WeSC and Ed Banger Records in the shop for a little bit now, and it’s been garnering a lot of interest thanks in large part to Ed Banger art director So Me and his distinctive style.

Speaking of So Me, I’m taking a late pass on this one, but figure it’s a good time to wax a little nostalgic with a So Me video created for last year’s mixtape savior Kid Cudi, a young Cleveland cat who’s got lyrics and style for miles.

Check out So Me’s video treatment for ‘Day ‘N Nite,’ which sees the Kid wandering the streets in a haze, just trying to make a little sense of it all. Keep an ear out for what this Kid drops next — as of late, a couple bangers in the form of She Came Along, which works off of a Patsy Cline sample, and Sky Might Fall, one hell of a song produced by Kanye West for Cudi’s official solo debut which may or may not be featured on Transformers 2.


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